Resources for Community Action Board Members.


  • CAPLAW Board Composition - A chart to help track diversity of Board composition by CAPLAW.
  • Recruitment Dos and Don'ts - Chief Executive Dos and Don'ts on Recruiting Nonprofit Board members.
  • Member Agreements - The importance of and how to create a board member agreement, including some examples.
  • Raising Low-Income Voice - CAPLAW's series of case studies addressing various ways CAAs are meeting the CSBG Act’s requirement that the low-income sector of the tripartite board be selected in accordance with “democratic selection procedures."
  • Recruitment Infographic - BoardSource Infographic on Board Member Recruitment challenges and focuses.
  • Recruitment Matrix - A chart to assist in planning the composition of your board to ensure diversity.
  • Role of Race - Where is Race on your Board's Recruitment Agenda? From BoardSource.
  • What Makes a Good Board Member - Key things to look for when recruiting board members.

Requirements & Responsibilities

  • ABCs of CAAs Bylaws - Presentation from 2021 CAPLAW Virtual Training Conference
  • Board Governance Gold Standard - CAPLAW 2021 Virtual Training Conference presentation: Knowledge Nuggets to Make your Board the Gold Standard.
  • Board Structure - NEO Law Group Presentation, from 2021 CAPLAW Virtual Training Conference: Structuring a High-Performance Board: Strategies for Board Committees.
  • Burning Board Questions - CAPLAW 2019 Presentation, Asked & Answered: Your Burning Board Questions.
  • Calendar of Board Actions - CAP's COE Developed CSBG Organizational Standards, Calendar of Board Actions.
  • Equity in Board Leadership - CAPLAW 2021 Virtual Training Conference: CAP Presentation Centering Board Leadership and Engagement in Equity.